Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Restart & Holiday Shipping Reminder

Hi everyone!

I'm working on my personal planner during this week that we are taking off shipping and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I took EVERYTHING out of it.  Everything.  And I'm starting from scratch.  But I'm not adding anything until I need it, so I can see what I actually use or wish I had in there.  I'm not even adding a tab set yet!  So far today I've added in a cover sheet, some Weekly Planner pages and some Shopping Lists.  I'm pretty sure that a marker ruler will be next!  My pen of choice is a Sharpie fine point.  It comes in a lot of colors, and I might be looking for another one to keep it colorful. : )  It will be interesting to see how my planner grows over the next week.  I'll try to give you an update next Monday!

Don't forget that we are taking a shipping break for this week before Thanksgiving. Partially because we need to get things ready for Thanksgiving, but probably even more than that, because orders ALWAYS seem to get lost in the mail during holiday weeks, and we don't want that to happen this year!!

Have you had a chance to shop at the Sidewalk Sale yet?  I have had so much fun sending out order after order with little gifties all piled on top.  I hope you have enjoyed them!!  Sooooo even though we aren't shipping this week, go ahead and get your orders in and we'll start shipping them out next Monday.

If you are looking ahead, our last day to ship before Christmas will be December 21st, so if you are looking to order anything from the Classic Home Journal line, you'll want to be sure that your order is in by Wednesday, December 16th so I'll have time to print, cut and punch your pages.  We plan to resume shipping on January 4th.

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