Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Monday!

It actually should probably be title GRUMPY Monday!  I have a Mountains of Success page on my fridge that is helping me remember to exercise, not eat sugar and not drink coffee (not even decaf!) until Thanksgiving.  I'm on about day seven of no sugar or coffee and I am definitely in the irritable stage of detoxing! :(  I did warn my family before I started that this was likely to happen, so they are sweetly just waving at me as I sit on the floor in front of my heater and growl. :)  It's time for me to sit down and have my quiet time and ask the Lord to cleanse my heart and adjust my attitude, so I'll leave you with a happy Monday prompt...

When I am grumpy the best thing for me to do is...

Be sure you don't forget about the Sidewalk Sale that is in progress in the store.  It's a perfect place to do some shopping for Christmas presents or stocking stuffers!  We have such fun gifts to give with your orders, but it is only for the month of November!!



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