Saturday, November 21, 2015

{Home Bless A Thon} Week Forty-Seven

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  Are you ready?  We are having just a small gathering here, so we are looking forward to a quiet day of thankfulness.  Special thankfulness this year, since we are daily grateful for God's goodness to us in regards to my husband's recovery after his brain surgery.  What are you thankful for this year??

It's time to do our WEEKLY REVIEW as we plan our busy week.


1.  Read through the goals we've set for the month/quarter/year and then make some notes of things we would like to be reminded of this coming week. 

2. Transfer any appointments or special reminders on the monthly calendar to our weekly pages. 

3.  Bring forward any unfinished to do's to a new "To Do This Week" list.

4. Look through our menus for the upcoming week and jot down when to take out meat, make things ahead, etc.

5.  Remind ourselves of our saving and spending goals. 

5. Schedule time to work on this week's Monthly Home Blessings

Week Forty-Seven

Our focus this week is on last minute Thanksgiving preparations.  Take time this week to ...

* Detail sweep and mop the kitchen / dining room.

* Iron your Thanksgiving tablecloth.

* Gather any special serving dishes for your meal and wash them if they've collected dust.

* Look through your menu and attach times to each item, so you know when to start them.

* Take out your turkey soon, so it has time to thaw!! :)

* Plan forward into December.

** SHIPPING NOTICE ** We'll be taking a shipping vacation from Saturday, November 21st - Saturday, November 28th.  Feel free to still place orders during that time!!  We will resume shipping Monday, November 30th.

Have a wonderful week!


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