Monday, January 11, 2016

My Phrase for the Year

Over the past few years it has become popular to choose a word to focus on for the year - maybe "growth" or "rest" or "travel".  I've done this in the past and it has always been interesting to see how the Lord has changed me in that area.  I started thinking about my "word" during my mini vacation and was struck instead with a phrase that I hope will change my life... "There is only love".  When I first saw the phrase awhile back,  my thought was, "Oh, please!  How sappy and shallow!"  But over the past six months, the Lord has begun to open my eyes to what loving means.  Loving means little acts of self sacrifice that are given to Christ, and not so others will notice.  Loving is resting in the Saviour like a little child.  Loving is always welcoming things that put us lower than others.  It is being content to be serve others with a gentle spirit and kind heart whether or not you are noticed or thanked.  It is being happy to be a little flower in the garden of the Lord.  Not a glorious flower, but just a small one, tucked in a corner, unobserved.  Love is focusing on loving Christ and letting that overflow to those around us, rather than focusing on loving those around us so that Christ will notice.  Love is enduring suffering with joy and patience, not with a furrowed brow and an irritable spirit.  Love is of God.

Here is my heart for this year...

I can be a hidden flower,
I can be a waterfall,
I can be a little child,
If I'm content to be but small.

Resting as a little infant,
With my head upon His chest,
Only able to be loving,
But those who love Him, He loves best.

Or to be the water flowing,
Rushing o'er the waterfall.
Glorying in going lower,
Beauty comes by giving all.

As a fragrant little flower,
Ever Lord, please let me be,
A spot of color in your garden,
Unobserved by all but Thee.

Loving, blooming, resting ever,
Finding joy in being low,
Suffering with joy and patience,
May my life in these things grow.

Christ, you are my precious Saviour.
You have taught me joy through pain.
On my brow please write the story,
Endure with love and Heaven gain.

                                 -- T Traxler

Blessings to you all!  If you've chosen a word or phrase for the year, I'd love to hear about it.  In fact that would be a great Happy Monday prompt!


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