Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello Friends!

Hello friends and happy Monday!

Sorry to be gone so long!  I didn't realize that I hadn't written in a month.  I think perhaps I'll be drafting some blogging pages for my planner soon! : )

Right after my husband's brain surgery, I began to declutter the house fast and furiously.  I worked through a few of the easy area - my hall closet, our bedroom and my clothes and saw some real progress, but something happened - I don't remember what - and I got "stalled" in my enthusiasm, and I need to get restarted.   The Beautiful Life Management system has a few minutes to declutter in the First Things First section, but I think I'll need a longer time period to work through all my things, especially as I recently brought home some remembrances of my Mom's as well.   This time before Easter seems like the perfect time to purge, doesn't it?  Both inwardly and outwardly it is a wonderful time to reflect and see which things need to go to allow growth and promote thankfulness.  I hope you'll join me in "cleaning house"!

Here's a Happy Monday prompt for today...

I enjoy decluttering because...



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