Monday, May 9, 2016

Planners During Seasons of Change

It is so gorgeous here right now!  The leaves have come out, the lilacs are blossoming, it is warm and springy.   Even the hint of an upcoming storm in the air seems to be a part of spring, of renewal, of growth. Our lives have seasons, too, it seems.  There is the spring of childhood, the summer of young adulthood, the fall of middle age, and the winter of senior living.  But there also seem to be seasons within the seasons as well - times when our focus is dimmed or sharpened, times when our duties and responsibilities change, and even times when everyday life is eclipsed by a sudden storm or tragedy - physical, emotional, or spiritual.  In every stage of my life I have found a planner helpful, but not always the same one.  Sometimes, when life is really overwhelming, I go back to my beginnings - a simple calendar and a notebook.  I need a place to write my thoughts and keep track of important dates, and I need something that will give me a sense of time, when time seems to be going either too quickly or not moving at all.  Those notebooks are full of things like memories of my Mom's last week and lists of blessings from my husband's brain surgery.  They are priceless to me.  After "winters" like that, though, I often find that I need to get back on track and I'll find myself reaching for the Beautiful Life Management pages.  I need structure - What do I do next?  Where do I start?  How can I get back on track?  The Beautiful Life pages are perfect for this stage, helping me with my daily housekeeping and daily scheduling.  After a while, though, when things reach their "new normal" I tend to relax on my do this on this day approach and lean more toward the freedom of weekly pages.  Usually, for me, that will be the full size downloadable Home Journal pages that I wrote about on the blog HERE.  (You can find them HERE in the store.)  I love full size pages, so I like to print out 3 months of the pages and use my clear stamps and pretty paper to make a cover.  Then I take them to our local Staples store to have them bound and have a clear cover and chipboard back added.   Then, after another while - often just a few months -  I'll feel that I really need to write down all of the projects that I have built up in my mind (aka - I need my notebook),  or that I miss the daily housekeeping nudges that the BLM system includes, and so the cycle will start all over again.

How about you?  Are you a one planner, one time, always use the same type person, or do you travel between favorites?  I think the most helpful thing for me is just to realize that I need to use something, even if the 'something' changes.   It certainly has been a blessing to me through the seasons of life!

Before I go, I just wanted to remind you about the Birthday Club!  I sent out my first batch of cards last week.  Sooooo fun!! : )  You can read about it HERE.

Have a blessed week, my friends!


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