Monday, August 15, 2016

Daily Life and the 28 Day Challenge

Good morning, friends!

So... when you've had a long weekend where you've been out of the house more than in it, and you wake up on a Monday morning and the kitchen looks like this...

And the table looks like this...

And your desk area looks like this...

And YOU are supposed to be the "poster child" for the Beautiful Life Management System, what do you do???  You take the 28 Day Challenge yourself!

Now, you all know that when you take the 28 Day Challenge, you have a cheerleader - ME!!  So I have a favor to ask.  Will you all be my cheerleaders??  If you want to follow along with me, just email me for a copy of the challenge booklet and/or order a 28 Day Challenge Sample pack, and I can be your cheerleader, too!

I'm not going to post the entire challenge here each day, since you can read it yourself in the booklet, but I am going to try to check in here on the blog each day and let you know how I did the day before, ok?  Today I'm going to start by refilling my binder with Beautiful Life Management pages.  I'll let you know tomorrow if I choose the regular ones or the semi - dated ones.  I'm sort of leaning toward the latter at the moment, but we'll see.

And off I go to do the "First Things First"!  


Edited to Add...

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1 comment:

Sharon M said...

Loved your day three blog that came in my email. So I went back to read the starting day. I think I may try to join the challenge starting on Monday. What a great way to get my going back to Community College for retraining in a second career started. I'm going to have to learn to do both together so no time like the beginning! I did the 28 day challenge several years ago. I tried to restart it several times myself. Hopefully, I can stick with it this time. My challenge pages are already printed off and my BLM book has been loaded with pages and gathering dust. Time for me to get on it!
Sharon M. / Northern MN