Sunday, August 21, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Day Six - A Blessing

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!!

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Hello friends!

I received the sweetest card yesterday (Saturday)!  It was from one of you lovely GraceWorks ladies for my birthday which is later this week, and you will never know what encouragement it spoke to my soul!  How thankful I am for each and every one of you! I count myself so blessed to have been given the opportunity to walk alongside of you!!

Saturday started slowly, it seemed.  My ankle was feeling much better - praise the Lord! - but I was tired and still wasn't moving too quickly.  After the First Things I made a card and ate some lunch and then it was time to go to my Dad's 87th birthday party.

We had a nice time with family, but I ended up coming home with a food-related headache and overall chills (family gatherings can be dangerous that way!) so my night was pretty quiet and not much got done but some stitching on my project.

So... how am I doing on the challenge?

I wish I could say that I was feeling on top of it - pleased with how much I have accomplished in the last week.   Instead I can say that I am pleased to see how far I have come over the past 29 years of marriage.  That even when I don't get everything done and my house starts to look overwhelming, it really doesn't take that long to put it back in order.  That my bed gets made every morning and that, for the most part, we have clean clothes that have been put away in drawers and closets.  I have grown to love my time with the Lord - that special heart to Heart when the world stops for a little while and it is just He and I alone.  And I pray that, perhaps, I have changed over the past 29 years, too, and that my soul has become less cluttered and more peaceful just as my home has.  

If you stopped by my house just at this minute you would see messy counters and some things dropped here and there where they landed when we returned from church this morning. But the clutter won't remain long, we had a nice lunch, and my husband was able to take an afternoon nap without lots of dishes banging in the kitchen.  

He is happy which makes me happy. 

I'd say the challenge is going well.



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