Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Day 15 - Busy, Busy!

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!   Scroll to the end of the post to find the links of the series from the beginning. : )

Hello again!

I love the feel of Mondays! They seem to be made for fresh goals and fresh starts, which is just what I did.  Sunday I worked on mapping out my week in a little more detail than I had been doing, made sure my menus were done and tried to get a little headstart so I could hit the ground running Monday morning.  And running covers it, I think!  My daughter was called into work, so I added a few extra things to my to do list to help her.  My husband decided that Monday night would be a great night to make salsa - so he laid out these on the counter ...

and gave me a shopping list to add to my to-do's.

I finished my First Things and started working the GraceWorks orders that I needed to get in the mail today, in between laundry and putting lunch in the oven.  By 3:30 the orders were out, lunch had been served, the dogs were fed and taken outside, my bedroom and the bathroom were in decent shape and my blog post was up.  Unfortunately there were still 15 things on my list!!  After a quick bowl of cereal for a snack, I lit my candle, put on some pretty music, and set to work.  After looking at my list it looked like the most pressing of the things left to do was to do the dishes, so I started in the kitchen and by 5:30, the dishes were done, the fridge cleaned out, the pantry ordered, the microwave wiped out, the floor swept, and I was ready to fold the clothes and start on supper - or crash!! : )  After another run to the store for more canning supplies and some supper, I finished this post and sat down to cross stitch for awhile.  

It was a tiring but productive day of getting back on track!  I hope it was a good day for you as well!!

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