Saturday, August 20, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Day Five - Catching Up

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!!

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Good morning, friends!

Yesterday was a good day, praise the Lord!  I started my day like this...

Well, not this exact picture, because it was taken a few years ago, but I started with a cup of coffee and a time in the Word and went on from there.  You have no idea how wonderful coffee tastes when you haven't had it for months and months and months.  I really wanted some yesterday morning, and apparently my body is healing some, because I didn't have any bad effects from it.  What a sweet blessing from the Lord!!  It is a small thing, I know, but doesn't it just show how kind God is to us??

To help get myself back on track I utilized a few different tools that I've found over the past few years.  I started by reading over the challenge for the day.  Then I flipped open my iPad and clicked into my Motivated Moms app to go through my First Things First.  **GASP** you say!  YOU are using a non-GraceWorks organizational tool... on an iThing??  Yup.  I love my binder and I can't do without my paper calendar and my daily schedule, but I also love having an app that I can set up reminders in!  The tasks in the Motivated Moms app are set up a little differently than the Beautiful Life Management daily sheets - different items on different days - but you can change that if you want to by hiding the pre-set items and setting up tasks on your own, or you can simply follow the schedule that is set.  Plus it has all those "deep cleaning" type chores broken down day by day in little chunks - things like you would find on our Monthly Home Blessing pages (but in different months, of course).  And you can add in recurring or daily tasks of your own.  And, if you'd like, there is a Bible Reading Schedule, that is perfect to use with our Quiet Time Journal or Abiding in Christ  pages.

So why would I tell you about the "competition"?

Because when I couldn't find my way after my husband's surgery, the app helped.  I love the Beautiful Life Management pages, but they are mine, and sometimes when I tell myself something I don't think it is that important.  The Motivated Moms app is someone ELSE telling me what to do.  And that helps me.  Just like when you take the 28 Day Challenge.  It isn't that the challenge is so very special, I don't think.  It's that someone else on the other end of an email cares.  They are excited when you succeed and will encourage you when you fail.  And, really, my life's work isn't to sell planners.   My passion is to speak into women the encouragement that loving your husband, loving your children and being keepers at home are not only commands to be followed but also wonderful gifts that we can give both to others and to our precious Lord.  So, if putting another tool into your toolbox helps, then YAY!!

So after I clicked off my morning tasks in my app, I decided that I would make small goals and offer myself built in rewards along the way.  I would switch between stitching for 15 minutes on my project (that was my reward - plus it was also a goal!), and working for 15 minutes on whatever came next on the Basic Blessings and Next Step lists as well as my personal list of To Do's for the day.  I was thrilled to realize at the end of the day that I had complete 200 stitches on my cross stitch as well as finishing my challenge list!  : ) I did enlist the help of my daughter, though!  Vacuuming and mopping are things that invariably cause me a trip to the chiropractor, so she did those for me. Cleaning the tub is on the chiropractor list, too, so my husband said he would do that for me today or tomorrow. : I am blessed. : )

Today is a busy day here, so we'll see how the challenge goes, but my First Things are basically complete and I cleaned out the car yesterday in preparation for today, so I think I am on track.

Have a blessed day, my friends!!


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