Friday, August 19, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Day Four - Challenging

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!!

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Cheery check in email to myself...

"Dear Tricia,

Thank you so much for this challenge.  It's just what I need to get me back on track.  I was so excited that I was able to complete most everything on the list today, even though I was out of the house for awhile this morning.  I didn't get the dishes done before bed and the last load of laundry is still in the dryer, but my ankle is pretty sore, so I think I'll leave them and start again tomorrow.  Talk to you then!


Real life version...

"Dear Tricia,

If you could see my house right now you'd wonder if I did anything on my list today!  There are dishes on the counter, an unfolded load of laundry in the dryer and I have done next to nothing for most of the afternoon.  I ran an errand for my Dearly Beloved this morning that took about two hours, and I didn't even find time to have my Quiet Time until after lunch.  I did get most of the challenge list done, but very little else.  I think I got into something this morning and I haven't felt good at all since I returned home.  I couldn't even make myself stitch on my project, and I love to stitch on my project.  Plus my foot hurts.  Uggh.



LOL.  Hopefully you aren't to that point yet, but, honestly, we all have days like that!!  So, be gentle with yourself.  Drink some water.  Get some rest.  And start again tomorrow.  Start again.  Always start again.  I will never be perfect.  You won't either.  (And if you are, you probably don't need to take this challenge!)  So don't give up, OK?   And I won't either, and both of us will get better. : )

Have a blessed day!!


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