Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Day Three - Danger Ahead

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!!

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So you know how yesterday I said that I had everything almost done by mid-morning??  Hmph. Well, it is 9:54 on Day Three and I haven't even started.  OK, maybe not quite that bad.  I took a shower and got dressed, started a load of laundry, fed the dogs and took them out, ate a banana, got my Dearly Beloved and my daughter off to work and wrote a blog post.  And then I sat down to check email and my blog feed and that was that!

Soooo... lets talk about that schedule area on the side of the Semi Dated Beautiful Life Management pages, cuz I'm going to be using that today!! : ) (By the way, if you order the Sample Packet it comes with the original BLM pages, but you can use some of the blank notepaper to sketch out a schedule!)

Here's an easy plan...

#1 - Make a list.  An everything I need and want to do today list.
#2 - Assign minutes.  How many minutes does it take to flip laundry?  To fold it and put it away?  Write down an estimate next to the task. (I usually pad it a little, so I have time for that unexpected phone call, so a simple task usually gets a 5 minute allotment...)  If I have a task that I just don't want to do but I need to work on it anyway, I usually give it a 15-30 minute slot, just so I can say I did it.
#2a - Make a dot by the "Must Do Today" items
#3 - Add times to your schedule.  This morning I will start my schedule at 11 am, which gives me time to plan and do a little more catch up...
#4 - Fill in any "markers" first.  "Markers" are time that I need to do something at a certain time.  Like starting lunch, or feeding the dogs, or going to the Post Office (because I need to use the car when DD is home over her lunch time)
#5 - Then fill in the other tasks, trying to find time for all your dotted items and filling in others as you can.  I tend to fill in most important things first, so that if I get sidetracked*** see below..., my most important items still get done.
#6 - Begin!  If you think of other things you need to do as you start working, add them to your Keeping in Mind or daily page and keep going.
#6 - In extra minutes, be sure to take water breaks! : )

OK, I'm off to plan.  I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!


All right, here's real life.  After I wrote that cheery little set of instructions and filled out my schedule, I went to work finishing up some "must do's", like getting GraceWorks orders ready to mail.  Then I went into the kitchen to start a pot of lentils for lunch.

I pulled out my favorite pan from under the counter.  It's red, I've had it forever, and has this super nice lid that feels heavy and sturdy in your hand.  Well, yesterday, said lid slipped from the top of the pan as I pulled it out of the cupboard and the metal edge hit the top of my ankle on its way to the floor.   I don't know how it managed it, and I don't know why it hurt so much, but I had a fleeting thought I had fractured my ankle.    After I stopped hyperventilating I had to laugh, though.  I've tried to work through this challenge 3 times now.  The first time, which you see in the booklet I think, my husband decided to do a rummage sale and filled the entire living room with boxes.  Another time, just a few days into it, I got horribly sick.  The other time?  I was in a pretty severe car accident within days of starting.  When I started the challenge on Monday I had actually said to my husband, "No rummage sales, medical emergencies or car accidents for the next 28 days, ok?"  LOL!!

So - now with a bruised, painful,  and swollen ankle I worked slowly at the rest of my list, and, amazingly, got everything done!   I was thankful that most of the things left I could do in little spurts and then sit down between them.

My ankle is pretty sore this morning,  but today's list isn't too daunting, and I'm recruiting help for the heavy day tomorrow. : )

Have a splendiferous day!



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