Monday, August 29, 2016

The 28 Day Challenge - Days 13 & 14

Just joining me?  I'm currently taking GraceWorks' Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge.  Read about my accomplishments, failures and adventures here!   Scroll to the end of the post to find the links of the series from the beginning. : )

Good Morning Afternoon!

Whew!  What a busy day so far, and I've only finished my First Things...  plus a lot of things that weren't on my challenge list!!

Here's my update...

The weekend is always hard for me to keep on track.  I think it has to do with the fact that the schedule is different and unpredictable, and that often my husband and I will go out to eat on either Saturday or Sunday, which often means some sort of allergy flare for me.  So Saturday was a First Things and Basic Blessings day and Sunday was a recovery day plus church.  Which, of course, means that today has been non-stop from early this morning, and I am still behind!  But that is a story for tomorrow... for now I'll go back to my list!!



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