Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Daily - Day 6 - The Master Checklist

I wrote a post back in October about needing to work on discipline in my life over the next year, and how I was hoping that a checklist might help in that pursuit.  After a few weeks of testing the one I had written, and making some changes here and there, I rewrote it into the front of my journal... complete with poems and verses, reminders and to-do's.  When I follow it?  It's amazing.  When I don't?  Well... I tend to get REALLY overwhelmed.  See that line that says, "Stitch w/ Psalms" at the bottom?  That is the one I always tend to skip because "I'm just too busy this morning!" but being creative - working on something that is beautiful to display in my home - while listening to Scripture feeds my soul and the rest of my day goes better.  And when I skip it?  I still spend the time  - but it's usually on not so helpful forms of relaxation like surfing the internet aimlessly, wandering through Pinterest, or playing a game online with nothing to show but wasted time and perhaps a virtual trophy.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just couldn't focus because there were so many things that had piled up over the weekend.  When I started to complain - "I'm too busy today to use the checklist! -  God impressed the word "discipline" on my mind.  He knew that the reason I was fretting wasn't that I was "too busy", but because the checklist has me put the house in order and have my quiet time before I work on GraceWorks things, and I had orders to get out and a blog post to write and I was sure I couldn't do it that way.  Knowing that I needed to obey the still, small voice,  I decided I would work from my checklist, so I got started getting the house in order, and then, while I was sitting down with my Bible and notebook, I got a call from my husband saying he was sorry but he couldn't come home for lunch.  It was such an answer to a prayer I hadn't even prayed!  Not having to stop and fix his meal gave me the extra time to get everything done that I needed, and confirmed in my mind once again that God's priorities for my life are best.

If you'd like to make a checklist for yourself, I'd encourage you to start with a piece of paper you don't mind messing up and just jot down your thoughts in a rough draft form.  You can include as much or as little information as you need to personalize it.  Then work with it for a few days and make changes as you need to.  After a few weeks or a month, when you are comfortable with it, you can rewrite it like I did.  Just remember that it is a work in progress and a tool, not a master.  Don't make your family miserable because you have to follow your checklist to the letter! : )  As for me, I'm so thankful for the guidance it is providing me right now, and I look forward to becoming more disciplined as I follow it in the coming year!!



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