Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Daily Planning Style - Day One

Hello lovelies!

A number of my friends in the stamping world make a scrapbook each year called their December Daily Book.  Some of the scrapbooks are elaborate and some are quite simple, but each of them include a picture from the day and a little journaling.  I thought that this year I would take the time to do a December Daily feature - Planning Style - here on the blog, so here's my picture for Day One...

I like to spend the month of December getting ready for the year ahead and reflecting on the year behind.  After my quiet time this morning, I decided that I would journal a little about my word for next year.  I actually took inspiration from a friend and looked at Willow Tree Figurines to help me choose my word.  The one that stood out to me was the little girl holding her hands up with a dove in them.  Do you see her in the picture above?  The name of the figurine was "Soar".  Was she giving?  Or receiving?  Or both?  Oh how I loved the pictures that her pose put in my mind!  This coming year I would like to soar.  To let go of the past - raising my hands to God with my whole life in them - in order to receive, in return, all that God has for me - both joy and sorrow.  To be gentle, to be pure, to be spirit filled.  To think of others before myself.

I used one of the lovely Pathways to Inner Beauty pages to begin my journey.  Up on the top there's a place for the grace or attribute that you are working on, and then there is a spot to write in its enemies.  I think these will be a good way for me to explore what God is teaching me through the year.  

Would you like to join me?  Today and tomorrow - December 1st and 2nd - for every pack of Pathways to Inner Beauty pages you purchase I will include an extra 10 Inner Beauty pages free to keep or share with a friend.  (No coupon code required!)  I'd love to hear about the word you are choosing!!

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