Friday, December 2, 2016

December Daily Planning Style - Day Two

Oh, just LOOK at what I discovered!! : )  I was needing to write myself a to do list and, as my planner was upstairs and I was downstairs, I grabbed a little handful of the Lilac Line To Do pages to write it on.  I have always loved the Lilac Line - it is so pretty and purple after all! - but since it was 3 hole punched it didn't work in my binder.  Until today.  I grabbed my seven hole punch so I could make the list fit in my planner - - and the holes matched almost perfectly!!!!!  I was ecstatic!!  I grabbed some of the Weekly Planning sheets and some notepaper and punched that, too with the same result.  YIPPEE!!  I now have purple pages in my planner!! : )  So... if any of you have loved the Lilac Line pages as well, but couldn't see how to make them work, now you know!  We will just punch them with 7 holes before we pack them. : )  Click HERE to see the entire line in the store.  The description won't be updated for a day or two probably as my webmistress (aka my daughter!) is down with some sort of cold/flu yuckiness. :-(  But I promise I will 7 hole punch the pages before I ship them!

You can see I have quite a long list, so I'm going to sign off for today.

Happy December!


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