Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Be Where You Are - Use What You Have

One of the things I realized this week is that when I spend a lot of time thinking and questioning what I should do or change in my life I sometimes neglect to do the things I should be doing right now - both duties and pleasures.  For example, I can easily spend an hour or two on Pinterest or Instagram thinking - "I would like to handletter like her," or "I need to do xxx, xxx and xxx to grow a huge thriving business like him," or "I want to try that someday.... so I need to buy...".  But during that hour of inactivity I could have cross-stitched on my current project, or practiced my handlettering by writing out a verse or two of Scripture, or worked on a blog post for GraceWorks.  By just wishing (which usually lead to wanting), I have actually just taken an hour from doing the things for which God has already supplied both the materials and the grace. 

All too often I find myself caught up in figuring out what's new and what's next, and I fail to realize that where I am is a good place and God has blessed me abundantly... right here and now.

So, the other day when I saw a free block of the month quilt pattern on line and thought, "I'd like to quilt again!",  I decided to actually do something about it.   Of course, my first thought was, "I need fabric!!" But then I remembered a quilt kit that I had gotten years and years ago with beautiful fabrics in pinks and greens and yellows.  It was a beautiful kit that I didn't finish because of a move and problems with my shoulders, and while there might not be quite enough fabric for the entire pattern, it will be close, and I will just see how far I can make it go.

I hope to do a lot more sewing and quilting this year, especially for Christmas presents.  I have the fabric and I have the time... if I actually spend it doing instead of wishing! 


What materials has God provided for you?  Do you have unfinished projects that you could work on this year?  How about your planner?  Is it sitting in a corner unloved?  Try digging it out this week!  You could even email me for the Planning to be a Blessing e-booklet or take the 28 Day Challenge if you need a jumpstart!!

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