Friday, February 3, 2017

Do I Need to Use a Daily Planning Page Every Day?

Good morning!  There is gorgeous early morning winter sun streaming through my windows right now... Ahhhhh!!!  A good dose of Vitamin D to start off my day!!  My list is all made... Morning checklist, GraceWorks orders, write out menus for the next two weeks,  make a shopping list, Lunch, errands, chiropractor... collapse.  Yup, that will about do it!!   On a day like today I definitely need to use a daily page.  But what about those other days?  

Do I need to use a Daily Planning Page every day??

 "It is totally up to you!

OK, question solved.  Blog post ended!

Not really...

There are a lot of factors that go into how often you use a Daily Page.  There are people who never use them at all.  They are able to look at their monthly calendar and weekly planner and leave the day to day details to work themselves out.  I found myself working that way a lot when I was spending time at the hospital or in the hospice house with my mom, and when my husband was recovering from surgery.  What I could do outside of those responsibilities was limited, so my weekly plan helped me remember the "must do's" of the week and the individual days took care of themselves.  There are other days that seem to flow effortlessly and don't require much planning.  When my husband is off on a Saturday it is usually a non-planning day.  No lists, no daily page, just be together and do the projects that present themselves.  Quiet Sundays and vacation days are often non-planning days for me as well.

Normally, though, I do use a daily page most days.  I need a place to physically write down each task that I need to complete, because if I write it down I am more likely to get it done.  Not always on the day I schedule it - sometimes it might be a week later - but because I keep rewriting it, it is at the top of my mind and I will do it just so I can check it off my list.

Personally, I like the ring binder daily pages because many times my lists look the same every day so I don't feel like I need to keep them once the day is done.  I can take them out and throw them away at the end of the month and not feel like I've lost important information.   I use a variety of binders and daily pages depending on my mood.  GraceWorks doesn't carry petite daily pages, so when I am in the mood for my petite size planner I usually use some daily pages by Franklin Covey along with menu planners and notepaper from the GraceWorks Petite Line.  When I pull out my Classic sized binder I have lots of options... The semi-dated Beautiful Life Management pages are wonderful when I am in a "I need to get back to my baseline" mood.  The Classic Home Journal Daily Pages help me list things out by priority, and the basic Daily Planning Pages are fantastic for the days I need to schedule things out by time.  Sometimes I even have both size binders going at once!  Did I ever mention that I really enjoy paper...?

One of the things that I have struggled with, though, as I would go through my daily pages in my planner to discard them, is how to keep track of the little nuggets of gold that get scattered through the pages and not lose them.  I would like to keep track of verses that encourage me when I am struggling with anxiety, track myself as I start new habits, keep a list of the "snail mail" that I have sent out, and things like that.  Right now I just have a little stack of daily pages that I can't throw away because there is one important thing I don't want to lose.  Enter the journal that my daughter got me the other day.  Hopefully this will become the place where my lists live.  I'm calling it my Hope Journal...but more on that later!

Right now, though, my daily page says I need to eat breakfast, so off I go!

Be sure to email me at or leave me a comment with questions or ideas!  I would love to know which daily pages you use or don't use, and why!!


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