Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Do you have an Evening Routine?

Do you have an evening routine?  I do, but it isn't quite like it used to be, and I often feel guilty about it.   The actual routine before I go to bed is easy... Take the dog out, check the locks, brush and floss, make a few sentence journal entry for the day, read my Bible verses, play a game or read a book for a few minutes, go to bed.  That part is mostly habit.  But the "make sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed" part that I talk about in the 28 Day Challenge and Planning to be a Blessing??  Well, that usually doesn't happen anymore.  

Have you ever read some sort of self-help book - or maybe even this blog! - and felt "I'm not doing enough!" or "I don't do it that way.  I must be wrong!"  It is easy to compare ourselves with others and struggle with trying to measure up.  

Unfortunately, the perfect life that you see online and in books isn't always the exact truth of how someone's day to day life actually looks.  

Ten years ago when I wrote Planning to be a Blessing, I had an evening routine in place that worked well for our family.  If you read the booklet now you may think - "Wow!  She has it all together!"  HA!  My today looks so much different from my yesterday, and one of the things that has changed is my evening routine.  After my husband's surgery we spent a lot of time together as he recovered.  One of the things he mentioned to me at that time was that he liked to have me near him when he was home.  He works long hours, and after supper there is often only an hour or two that we have with each other before it is time to head toward bed.  Some - maybe most - nights that means that I don't do the dishes after supper.  Instead, we usually just head into the living room and spend time together on our winter hobbies - he, building a model and me, cross stitching.  And that is ok.  (Even though it almost hurts me to write out that permission for myself...).  

My house is going to have a sinkful of dishes in the morning, but I have blessed my husband by giving him my time.  So, really, I have met my goal of being a helpmeet, it just looks a little different at this stage of my life.

Since my evenings are not really free, I have tried to make some adjustments to my schedule to help me get ready for the next day.  For example, rather than laying out my clothes at night I have added it to my morning routine right after I get dressed.  Things like gathering items that need to be taken care of in the morning can also be done earlier in the day.  

If you are reading along here on the blog or following some super organizer or housekeeper on the blog, please don't get discouraged.  Realize that your home and mine won't look the same, and that is ok.  It isn't the look of our homes that we are after as much as the the peace in our home.  Ask the Lord for His wisdom in applying the principles that you are learning and never be afraid to change your routines if you are doing it out of love for others.

May you be blessed today and be a blessing!


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