Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tailoring Your Do's to Your Days

Have you ever looked at your list and wondered how to tailor your "do's" to your days??

There have been many times that I've looked at my list at the end of the day and been frustrated because I didn't get it all done, and been overwhelmed when I saw all the things I had left to do that hadn't even made the list.

If I had followed my usual schedule today would have been one of those days.

Over the years I have tweaked and changed the Beautiful Life Management Systems list of tasks to better fit my own unique situation.  Sometimes I will switch things to a different day, other times I will drop something altogether, but since it changes every month or two with my personality and attention span, I usually have it typed out and tucked in my notebook or put up on the fridge with a magnet.  Today's "normal" list would have been...

Spiritual Exercise (aka my quiet time!)
Quick Blitz
Clean off Shipping Desk
GraceWorks Computer Work
GraceWorks Orders
Make a Card
Trash and Recycling Out


Tomorrow the assessor is coming and I really needed to get the GraceWorks shipping, storage and packing areas back in order.  And it is the first of the month, so I would like to do some planning - getting ready to track my goals for the month and such.  And I ran into something downstairs  yesterday afternoon and threw my shoulder out so I need a chiropractor appointment today.  And my daughter bought me a new toy  -  a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook to try bullet journaling! Here's the one I got...

(By the way - clicking on the picture takes you to Amazon & I get a few cents if you buy one.  There will be more posts about bullet journaling in the future, I'm pretty sure!!)

...And that list is just not going to happen.

So, with that in mind here was my revised list today...

Spiritual Exercise
Clean up basement
Choose Ornament to Stitch this Month
Address Birthday Cards
Make one card
{Dream about Bullet Journaling}

And, honestly, I haven't even made a card or addressed the birthday cards yet.  In fact the dishes aren't even done!  But that's ok.  After the chiropractor rebuilds me this afternoon I will make supper and then either cross stitch or play with my new journal.  (Did I mention you'll be seeing some posts on this soon?  I am so excited about this!) And I'll begin again with my list tomorrow.

Here's some tips to help you pare down your list...

1. Tailor your tasks to your time.

If you have a large project to complete (like cleaning up the basement) - allow a large block of time to do so.  Fit your other tasks around it, being careful to allow for #2...

2. Tailor your tasks to your strength.

Because I had hurt my back yesterday, I knew that after I vacuumed this morning I would need a chiropractor appointment.  That means that my afternoon projects were going to need to be light, because I would probably not be at full strength.  And they needed to be things that weren't especially time sensitive, in case I didn't feel up to doing them.

3. Tailor your tasks to your motivation.

If I have a big project, I like to tackle it in the morning, so I can have some creative time in the afternoon.  Plus my dog will sleep in the morning while I work, but she isn't thrilled if I work downstairs in the afternoon.  Maybe you are more of an evening person, or a middle of the afternoon person.  Whichever you are - conquer your big tasks when you have the most energy.

4. Don't forget to have a baseline to go back to.

When I have a non-productive day it is nice to know that I have a list to go back to that is my "baseline".  Check out the Beautiful Life Management housekeeping suggestions or take the 28 Day Challenge if you need help establishing some basic habits.  We'd love to help!

Talk to you again soon!

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