Monday, March 13, 2017

This Week's Project

Happy Monday!

The time change has made me think of spring, even though we had a few inches of snow last night, and I have decided to tackle this project starting today...

This is our little tiny guest room - still filled to the brim with things that my daughter left behind when she went to college, and it has become our catch all room as well and it is overwhelming to even open the door!  So, armed with a number of UHaul boxes, I'm going to tackle it one piece at a time.  Today I emptied a bookshelf -- Tomorrow I will pack up most of the decorations -- And my goal is to be able to put some of the furniture that has outlived its usefulness in the bulk trash pickup at the end of the week.   If we can clean it up and move things around, I think it will be a lovely little office / guest room and my daughter can go through the packed up boxes at her leisure.

What is your project this week??

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Helen Tashjian said...

What a wonderful and practical article to encourage us homemakers. I would love to be able to share this with my homeschooling friends. I am back to using my Beautiful Life Manager planner making it possible on my 'hard days' to just 'do the next thing' and in the very least to get my morning routine done.

Thanks Tricia for such practical, encouragement.