Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Year of Hope: Each Day is Enough

I am SO over eager.  When I am cross stitching I am thinking ahead to blogging.  When I am learning a lesson I am thinking ahead to how God may possibly use it in my life.  I begin the morning by making my bed automatically because I am thinking of what I need or want to do next.  I eat my special peppermint bark treat and hardly enjoy it for thinking ahead to Christmas.

This afternoon as I was driving home it hit me.  I am presumptive.  Who knows whether I will even have a "next"?  A next day, a next hour?  All I truly have is right now.  And it is enough.

"All I truly have is right now.  And it is enough."

Just think for a moment.  If all of our "right now's" were spent in love, wouldn't we have lived a beautiful life?  If every fault that someone had committed against us had been forgiven, wouldn't that be a peaceful way to enter eternity?  Even if we never write a book, speak in front of a thousand people, have a million dollar house, or have a college degree, our lives will be well-lived if we see each day as enough and act accordingly.  Not wishing it were another day forward or backward on the calendar, and not borrowing trouble from tomorrow or stealing its joy.  But being present in the moment - looking at what you are doing and experiencing it.  And, whether it be joy or pain, accepting it in peace and loving God and others through it.

What if, during every moment of my day

... I worked in peace rather than with an anxious and hurried spirit?

... I kept my heart clear by forgiving others their faults and asking forgiveness for my own?

... I spent the day immersed in loving God and in showing that love to others in my everyday tasks - Praising Him for another day while making the bed, being thankful there are dirty socks to pick up, enjoying the exercise as I run downstairs to transfer the laundry, praying for dear ones in the church while washing the dishes, adding special touches while making sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch, treating the grumpy customers at the church bake sale to a kind word and a smile and then praying for God's forgiveness and encouragement and blessing in their lives rather than complaining about them
- whatever it may be ?

If I could do all that each day I think I would reach the end of the day feeling very blessed.  Truly the time we are given to live is enough... if we actually choose to live it wisely!!

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