Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Year of Hope: A New Direction

Hello dear friends,

I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging lately!  Here's a snippet of a blog post that I started to write a number of weeks ago that will give you an idea of where I've been.  "I am struggling right now.  GraceWorks is such a special ministry to me, but it isn't able to help much with paying off our medical bills, and my husband and I have agreed that I need to start looking for a job.  Wow.  That is hard for me to say and even harder for me to do.  Except for a year that I served as a teacher's assistant at a private school, I haven't had a job outside my home since before my children were born."

So... long story short, I have been job hunting.  After many tears and fears, I am happy to report that God has provided the perfect job for me in a retail store and I am loving it.  It does, however, cut down on my available time, so please be patient with me as I am sure there will be some shipping slow downs over the next few months as I get busier and busier.

My goal now is to apply all that I have learned and taught over these past years about keeping up with my home and blessing others in a different setting.  What does this look like in the life of a working woman??  I've realized already that there is definitely a different urgency in getting things done when I only have a few hours available, and I've learned that organization and having a plan is the key to staying on top of things.  I'm sure it will take me awhile to feel like I am falling into a rhythm, but I am SO thankful for the training of these past years!!

On to GraceWorks news!!

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Thank you all for your friendship and support.  I am so thankful for you each and every day!  You are a blessing to me!!



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